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Alignment Tool

                                                             designed and manufactured, in house, by   MOBILE  MARINE  MODELS

Protorlign© the universal alignement tool kit

It's a well known fact that the 'biggest' headache, and indeed the 'biggest' worry in marine modelling, is the perfect alignment of the motor, sterntube and propshaft, and its doubtful if there is a marine modeller anywhere in the world that has not, at some time or another, experienced difficulty with this installation.

The Mobile Marine Models PROTORLIGN © Universal Alignment Tool Kit, NOW with even More 'BITS', is a unique jig assembly that takes away all the worries, and fears, relating to this tiresome, but essential task.

Executing the work in seconds, instead of hours, the PROTORLIGN gives perfect alignment everytime, thus reducing unnecessary wear and tear on shaft bearings, allowing maximum output from the motor, longer running time from batteries.

The PROTORLIGN© kit contains all the required 'jigs', including metric and imperial sizes, to fit all standard shafts and motors of the WORLD, all in one storage container, and just in case you have a non-standard shaft size, our engineering workshop can 'knock-you-one-up' to suit your needs.