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Arran Mail

The model of the famous West Coast of Scotland single hatch ship, The ARRAN MAIL. Built and entered service in the mid 1930's, this twin screw motor vessel carried cargo and passengers between the islands of West Scotland, and as the name suggests, was for many years, the mail-boat.
After a 'war-time' service the vessel retuned to civilian use, and was later sold to owners in the Channel Islands.

Unfortunately the 'ship' was lost, with all hands, at sea during the mid fifties. 


The complete Multi - Optional Full Kit, including electric lights & motors, with Standard R.G.Set ...... customise your purchase by simply choosing your options ...... or take advantage of the Budget Building System by purchasing one, or more, Packs at a time.......... All 5 Packs = Full Kit

As with all Mobile Marine Models boats the Arran Mail is available under the Budget Building System.

Plated and rivited GRP 'RUST' coloured hull.
Scale    1:32nd
OAL - 39 1/2" (1000mm)
Beam - 8" (200mm)

SuperGlue / Wood Glue  are needed to complete this model  ( see Adhesives  )

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