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Often (mistakenly) referred to as the last British steam tug, the single screw CANNING was built, on the Humber by Cochrans, for the Alexandra Towing Co. of Liverpool during the late 50s.
Though she was most definitely not the last steam tug to be built in Britain, that went to another tug in the 70s, she was built at a time that is now commonly known as... the end of the steam era.

Having a modern looking wheelhouse and bridge wings the design of the Canning and her contemporaries paved the way for the more familiar diesel tugs of the 60s and 70s, and possibly through to the mid 80s.

No scrapyard, or 'sold-abroad' for the CANNING, for after her long career accumulating in the South Wales ports, this lucky boat was retired into Swansea Maritime Museum where she is on permanent display.


The complete Multi - Optional Full Kit, including electric lights, ...... or customise your purchase by simply choosing your options ...... or take advantage of the Budget Building System by purchasing one, or more, Packs at a time......All 5 Packs = Full Kit

PLEASE Note.. Motors and propellers are NOT included in this kit

As with all Mobile Marine Models boats the Canning is available under the Budget Building System.

GRP plated and riveted detailed hull, finished in our now famous Rust coloured GelCoat (scratch the paintwork and rust shows through) , and like all of our tug hulls, extra laminates in & around the 'stress' points, to give the strongest construction possible.
Superstructure is from either timber or plastic, which ever is your modelling preference.
Single Screw, single rudder ( like a barn door !! ) with choice of electric motor or steam power units.

Scale  .... 1:32nd
OAL - 40" (1010mm)
Beam - 11" (280mm)

SuperGlue / Wood Glue  are needed to complete this model  ( see Adhesives  )

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