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Another FIRST from Mobile Marine Models is the revolutionary designed hull of Euro-Boy. The multi-Optional, Multi-Functional, Multi-Choice Euro-Boy gives the modeller complete fredom to built THAT out-of-the-ordinary boat.
Based on the continental Rhine barges the Euro-Boy, with it's simple water ballasting, is big enough to create a good pull or push for Tug-Towing and yet light enough not to create problems carrying the model from the car to the pondside.

GRP Rust coloured hull (scratch the paintwork and rust shows through)

Scale = Although basically 1:32nd, this lighter is 'in' scale with any tug

OAL - 48" (1215mm)
Beam - 9" (230mm)

SuperGlue / Wood Glue  are needed to complete this model  ( see Adhesives  )

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