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Euro-Girl - Pack #4

Running Gear - Single or Twin Screw - Kort Drive

Because MMM do not manufacture brass propellers, and we do not believe in white-metal props, all of our Running Gear Packs, & the Full kits, do NOT include propellers, or Motors

Dependant on your 'power' needs, we offer two different Packs for this tug , :- RG Single Screw Standard , includes the Heavy Duty ( M5 ) Kort-Eze propshaft & '60' Power Kort, ideal for normal running & regatta work, and, the occassional Tug-Towing ; RG Max.Power , includes two '50' Power Korts, Slimline Kort-Eze ( M4 ) shafts, for that extra pulling power.

For this Single or Twin Screw tug, the RG Packs are as follows:-

RG Single Screw Standard :-
1 KHD precision propshaft
1 Steerable '60' Power Kort.

RG Max Power- Twin Screw
2 KSL precision propshafts
2 'P' Frames
2 Steerable '50' Power Korts.

REMEMBER :- The MMM range is so flexible you can create your own customised RG sets.....
Running Gear
Euro-Girl - Pack #4

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