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Euro - Girl..... the NEW concept in tug design............

Designed as a Multi-Task, Multi-purpose unit, this rather 'short' tug, a little under 80 feet / 24 metres l.o.a, is the pinnacle of brute-force & intelligence..................... Conventional stern drive tug, with steerable korts & the option of bow-thrusters; Pusher; Anchor Handler, with the option of several different cranes... and Fire Fighting capabilities, plus, inshore salvage work...... all within the scope of Euro - Girl.

With 'her' various winches, windlass, crane, fire monitors & salvage equipment, the Euro-Girl offers the modeller a compact, yet very 'full' tug.... fit for any occasion.

Working in the modeller's favour, the Euro-Girl as a new concept boat, offers several liveries, thus allowing 'free-license' of colour scheme for this compact 'full-of-fittings' tug, making the model the ideal choice for those 'Tuggers' who require a Powerful boat, that will 'do-the-stuff' as well as offering the ultimate in detail.

Working fire monitors & full working lights... the Euro-Girl is fitted with the 'New' regulation lights.... i.e. direction-of-travel, thus double the amount of normal lights, making an impressive array of illuminations.... plus, an intriguing array of winches & fittings giving an overall 'busy' appearence.


The complete Multi - Optional Full Kit, including electric lights, with Standard R.G.Set ( single screw ) .... with Max-Power RG Set ( twin screw )...... customise your purchase by simply choosing your options .. or take advantage of the Budget Building System by purchasing one, or more, Packs at a time.... All 5 Packs = Full Kit

PLEASE Note.. Motors and propellers are NOT included in this kit

As with all Mobile Marine Models boats the Euro - Girl is available under the Budget Building System.

The Hull is Rust coloured, highly detailed GRP (glass fibre). and like all of our tug hulls, extra laminates in & around the 'stress' points, to give the strongest construction possible.
Superstructure is from ply timber
, the modelling preference.
Single or Twin screw, steerable kort nozzle drive with choice of nozzle size & electric motor.

Scale ..... 1:32nd
OAL - 29 1/2"" (755mm)
Beam - 9 3/8"" (240mm)

SuperGlue / Wood Glue  are needed to complete this model  ( see Adhesives  )

Please Note  ... In PRODUCTS, Click-on selected  photo to view details & options

Mobile Marine Models reserve the right to alter Prices & / or specifications without prior notice.