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At Last...!

The break-through we have been waiting for... THE EASY removal and re-installation of Kort Nozzles... All thanks to the design team at Mobile Marine Models.

So simple, it's unbelieveable... The sterntube with the extention!!... Setting-up the steerable Kort correctly means, as we all know, that the end of the tube and shaft has to be inside the nozzle, thus making 'it' vertually impossible, should the need arise, to remove (nozzle).
No such problem with the Kort-Eze. Simply remove the shaft... Remove the specially designed extention... And lower / remove the nozzles without any interference.

Built to the same high standard as all the ThrustMaster shafts; Stainless Steel / Thick walled brass / Precision Bearings.


SlimLine Kort-Eze©
From: £9.90
Heavy Duty Kort-Eze©
From: £10.85
SuperSmooth Kort-Eze©
From: £20.35
MaxLine Kort-Eze©
From: £23.09