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Margaret & Jo - Pack #4

Running Gear - Margaret, Single Screw

Because MMM do not manufacture brass propellers, and we do not believe in white-metal props, all of our Running Gear Packs, & the Full kits, do NOT include propellers.

We offer two RG Packs for the motor-boat Margaret .... RG Standard includes an M2 shaft & 280 motor, which is more than sufficent for normal use... & the RG Max.Power which includes an M4 shaft & a T4A motor.

RG Packs are as follows:-

RG Standard :-
1 MicroLine precision propshaft
1 Plastic, with brass boss, propeller
1 280 (6v.) motor
1 Rudder Metal-work kit

RG Max Power
1 SL precision propshaft
1 T4A (12volt) motor
1 Safety Coupling
1 Rudder Metal-work kit

REMEMBER :- The MMM range is so flexible you can create your own customised RG sets.....
Running Gear
Margaret & Jo - Pack #4

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