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MaxLine shafts, available in M6 or M8 thread,so as to accommodate the largest of props, are the Ultimate in the heavyweight class of propulsion systems. Using the same technology of the Super Smooth Eight. MMM have taken Running Gear to the next level of excellence.
Threaded both ends and using the same size 12.5 mm / 1/2" outer thick-walled Brass Tube, the 6mm solid Stainless steel shaft (M6) has a precision machined bearing suface in excess of 625 sq,mm., whilst the M8 version, with it's solid 8mm dia. Stainless steel shaft, has a massive 800 plus sq.mm of precision machined bearings..... The MaxLine ...... Giving the ultimate in smooth running.

...... as with all of our shafts, the sizes given are for TUBE length.....& for an extra charge, a factory fitted Oiling tube is optional.

Any length of shaft made to order.... Call on 01522 730731  
Thread Size
Oiler Tube