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The All New Multi-Dee hull ( only ) ... THE only true Pull - Push model available........ at this stage, just the hull, and it's got to be the weirdest shape you've ever seen !!! ......... Originally designed as a test bed for test tanking, for a multitude of various  drive   systems...     ( hence the name ,  Multi-Dee... Dee = drive, though originally designated #TTB 1201 ) …. The modeller has the choice of various / combination drives; such as   A.Z. drives; one at the bow, one at the stern;      Single or Twin Korts, both at the stern & / or the stem;    or a combination of Kort drives & A.Z. drives,  ( turning the tug into a 3, or even 4, prop driven boat ).  
With  all  of  these  multiple  choices  of  'drives',  and a freelance superstructure, this boat gives the discerning modeller the unique opportunity,  just  as  in  real  life,   the   TEST  BED  for  endless experimentation.

The Hull is Rust coloured, highly detailed GRP (glass fibre). and like all of our tug hulls, extra laminates in & around the 'stress' points, to give the strongest construction possible.

Scale = 1:32 ( the same as all MMM tugs )
OAL - 30" (769mm)
Beam - 8 1/2" (215mm)

​​​​​​​Mobile Marine Models reserve the right to alter Prices & / or specifications without prior notice.