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Propshafts - Standard and Specialised

The standard range includes; the MicroLine© ; the SlimLine©; the Heavy Duty©; and not forgetting the 'out-of-the-ordinary'.... our manufacturing processes are flexible enough to accommodate any special shaft to suit the modeller's needs.

Meeting the demand for 'that' heavier, more robust shaft for the larger boats with bigger motors, larger props, MMM, after much research & testing, introduced the SuperSmooth Eight©.

With it's massive bearing surfaces, large thick-walled brass tubing & 8mm stainless steel shaft, turned one end & threaded M5 so as to except a 'standard' threaded prop, the SSE is the ultimate in smooth running.


From: £4.65
From: £6.30
Heavy Duty
From: £6.75
SuperSmooth Eight©
From: £16.99
From: £19.49