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Pusher Tug

Manufactured from a minimum of 1.5mm thick plastic... The Vac-formed Pusher Tug Hull is the 'fore-runner' to a new Budget Boat kit that MMM will be introducing shortly....But, through requests from various vistors to our factory, we have introduced this smart little hull onto the market to allow the Modeller who 'wants-to-have-a-go' at 'doing-their-own-thing'..... without spending 'loads-of-money' !!!! ... for the boat lends itself to a variety of tug superstructures ................

With an overall length of 22" (560mm), a beam of 6" (150mm) and a moulded depth of 4 3/8" (110mm), the tug, although referred to as a 'Pusher' was in fact built as a Pusher / General tug for operations in the Far East....... the prototype being built by Appledore, back in the 60s.... can be completed as a twin or single screw; straight-thru drive, or with Kort Nozzles........... click for Power Kort Details .... an ideal boat as an introduction to Tug-Towing.