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( HardyCast )

Kit comprises of Nozzle; Stainless Steel Rudder Post; Brass Rudder Tube; Hull Brace & Tiller Arm  .... Complete with full installation instructions.

To suit all boats where 'pulling-power' & manoeuvrability is essential........  and ..... 
to compliment the Power Korts©, the team at Mobile Marine Models,have produced the exclusive range of Kort-Eze© sterntubes.... the only 'real' propshaft for kort nozzles.... ( browse Propshaft page ) 

Internal Dia. Sizes available :- 40mm / 50mm / 60mm / 70mm / 90mm / 110mm

NOTE; If ‘a pair’ of Korts are ordered, where applicable, one will have a single tiller-arm; the other a cranked tiller arm