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SuperSmooth Kort-Eze©

The Easy answer to the removal and installation of Kort Nozzles.

Available in M5 or 2BA , the Super Smooth Eight - Another FIRST in model boating! With the advent of larger models, more powerful motors and BIGGER props!, MOBILE MARINE MODELS, after in-depth research, has solved the problem of ROUGH running with the introduction of the all new Super Smooth Eight 12.5 mm / 1/2 outer thick-walled Brass Tube with a solid 8mm dia .Stainless steel shaft, running through precision machined bearings - giving a massive (min) 625 sq.mm of bearing surface - the EIGHT is the ultimate in smooth running.

This shaft is threaded one end only.......... as with all of our shafts, the sizes given are for TUBE length.....& for an extra charge, a factory fitted Oiling tube is optional.

Any length of shaft made to order.... Call on 01522 730731 
Thread Size
Oiler Tube
SuperSmooth Kort-Eze©