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The 1920 merger of several towing companies, mostly based around the Humber area, led to the formation of United Towing Ltd., who quickly established themselves as leading inshore, offshore and ocean-going tug operators.
Within a decade the expansion of the company led to an on-going 'new-build' programme, both to replace the existing tugs and to introduce new ones for the demand and growth of the fleet.... The Tollman was one of these 'specials'.

With the 'official' number of 162240, the Tollman was built in 1930 / 31 by Henry Scarr's of Hessle. Commissioned in latter 1931, with the fleet number 57, this medium sized, go-anywhere, do-anything tug served the company for more that thirty years.... From ship-handling to barge towing, the Tollman, with it's drop-down - swing-up funnel, was a regular sight on the tidal waters of the Humber / Trent / Ouse.

The complete Multi - Optional Full Kit, including electric lights & motor, with Standard R.G.Set ..... customise your purchase by simply choosing your options ...... or take advantage of the Budget Building System by purchasing one, or more, Packs at a time.......... All 5 Packs = Full Kit

PLEASE Note.. The propeller is NOT included in this kit

As with all Mobile Marine Models boats the Tollman is available under the Budget Building System.

Rust coloured GRP (glass fibre). detailed hull, and like all of our tug hulls, extra laminates in & around the 'stress' points, to give the strongest construction possible.
Superstructure is from either timber or plastic, which ever is your modelling preference.
Single screw, single rudder ( like a barn door !! ) with choice of electric motor or steam power units.

Scale .... 1:32nd
OAL - 30 3/4" (780mm)
Beam - 7 1/2" (190mm)

SuperGlue / Wood Glue  are needed to complete this model  ( see Adhesives  )

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