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Type MB

MB  Crane...
MB  Crane  Kits, as in all Fellini Fittings, is manufactured, to the highest quality, in HardyCast  & White Metal......... And, the many parts of each kit is complimented by Pictorial Instructions, guiding the builder through to final assembly of this superb model.

One unique feature of the 
MB  Crane is the UNDER-DECK BRACE ... a unit, that as the name suggests, fits underneath the deck, but protrudes through the deck and into the base of the MB  Crane... thus eliminating any chance of the crane being knocked / broken  off the deck.

So what scale is the 
MB  Crane ?.... As most modellers will agree, when it comes to deck fittings, it is not so much as scale... but size that matters........ with this in mind, like all of our Fellini Fittings,  we  print the actual size(s) of the model.

approx. measurements.........

Height ......... Base... 1" / 25mm ..... Crane .2 5/8" / 65mm .
                                 Total ( folded )  ht. 3 5/8" / 92mm
Width ... Folded ... 3" / 75 mm .. Boom extended .. min. 7" / 180 mm

The MB  Crane can be assembled in either the closed-up mode, or extended mode, or any position in between.

It is best to use SuperGlue to complete these model kits....( see Adhesives  )

All Fellini / HardyCast fittings, carry a copyright, and are designed and manufactured, in House, by Mobile Marine Models