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Vic Boat - Pack #1

Hull - Plan - Photos

Rust coloured (every hull is 'finished' in the now famous Rust coloured Gel-Coat - scratch the paintwork and rust shows through), GRP (glass fibre). highly detailed hull, and like all of our Hulls, extra laminates in & around the 'stress' points, to give the strongest construction possible....plus... each boat has it's own unique Serial Number label 'glassed' into hull.

The full size, fully detailed Plan includes details on colour schemes & position of lighting / light details....PLUS ! .. details / plans for three different superstructures, giving the modeller complete freedom to customise

The Colour photos, in order to preserve them &/or guard against accidental damage, are laminated.

Each Hull,Plan,Photo (pack #1) comes complete with a Hints & tips booklet.

The finished model can be completed from materials and equipment supplied by yourself.

It's surprising how adaptable our boats are...

Scale = 1:32
25 3/4"  (655 mm)
Beam - 7 1/2"  (190 mm)

Don't forget to order SuperGlue / Wood Glue .............

Delivery Note:- Please allow 28 days for delivery of GRP hulls & Full kits..... as each and every hull is individually hand-laid.


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