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Vic Boat - Pack #5

The Fittings Pack containing top-quality brass, HardyCast & white-metal items, designed & manufactured, in house, by Mobile Marine Models includes, in addition to the portholes / deck fittings / Stanchions / railings / etc.etc., many different individual kits ... such as, Windlass, Winches, Working Lights, Lifeboats, Davits,  Funnel.

Or... if you prefer... All the fittings may be purchased individually, at various times, working from the list(s) in the Template Pack. ( go to Fittings Section )


At Mobile Marine Models we offer the unique option of 3 different superstructures for our Vic Boat.
When you decide which option you would like to build, simply choose the relevant fittings pack (Option 1, 2 or 3)  below:-

Option 1  - Open bridge for Steam option

Option 2 - Enclosed wheelhouse for Steam option

Option 3 - Enclosed wheelhouse for Diesel option

Fittings Pack
Vic Boat - Pack #5

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