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Vic Boat

Our VIC boat is a 1:32nd scale version of the 66.8ft x 18.4ft  famous cargo craft. Whilst based on the early 20th century  Scottish steam Puffers, the majority of the 66 footers launched during the WW2 war years of 1939 to 1945, were actually built in England by many smaller yards such as Pimblott of  Northwich  /  Goole  Shipbuilders, and not forgetting the yard of Richard Dunston of Thorne, where 40 plus of these boats were laid, with at least nine   completed with oil ( diesel ) units.

Some modellers are surprised to find that, whilst the VICs  are often referred to as  Puffers , because of the sound of the (steam ) exhaust of the engine, many were actually fitted with oil ( diesel ) units.

As each Yard was, to a certain extent, when building, allowed  free license , many variants of the superstructure appeared, especially as most of the boats were either modernised  & / or went into private ownership.

We at Mobile Marine Models, with this kit, show three different options of superstructure on the Full size Plan and in the details of the Template Pack, thus giving the modeller the opportunity to choose / to customise / to actually build three different versions of the boat, all on one Hull, thus allowing you, the modeller, to sail a different boat every Sunday ! ..... there is even two options on the Cargo Hold cover.

As with all Mobile Marine Models boats the Vic Boat is available under the Budget Building System.

Scale = 1:32
25 3/4"  (655 mm)
Beam - 7 1/2"  (190 mm)

SuperGlue / Wood Glue  are needed to complete this model  ( see Adhesives  )

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