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This very extensive range of Winch kits are manufactured to the same high standards as with all the other products by Mobile Marine Models.

From the 'old-time' hand operated winch, through to the ultra-modern Type 51A , Type 53A, and not forgetting the Type 55A, these stout, robust Winches are a detailed representation of the 'real' thing.
Using a mixture of Metals & HardyCast to give maximum strength, yet maintaining a lightweight unit, these kits are complete with die-cast & moulded components, full assembly instruction & colour photos.

As with all of our winches & windlass's, with a little forethought & ingenuity, every Combo can be made into a fully working model.

It is best to use SuperGlue to complete these model kits....( see Adhesives  )


Gypsy 'H'
From: £9.35
Type 2A
Type 10A
Type 20A
Type 40A
Type 43A
44 TH
Type 48A
Type 50A
Type 51A
Type 53A
Type 55A
From: £2.20
Tow Rope