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Winch Windlass

Combination Winch Windlass

These combination Winch Windlass kits are manufactured to the same high standards as with all the other products by Mobile Marine Models.

From the Type 05 through to the massive Type 51 & Type 55 these very solid & robust Combo's are a true representation of the 'real' thing.
Using a mixture of white metal & HardyCast to give maximum strength, yet maintaining a lightweight unit, these kits are complete with die-cast & moulded components, full assembly instruction & colour photos.

As with all of our winches & windlass's, with a little forethought & ingenuity, every Combo can be made into a fully working model.

It is best to use SuperGlue to complete these model kits....( see Adhesives  )


Type 05
Type 20
Type 30
Type 50
Type 51
From: £16.45
Type 55